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Steven Cannell -  June 7th, 2016

Dr. Malik is a highly skilled and professional physician. She is passionate about her work and field of medicine. I would state, without a doubt, that three years ago she saved my life with her quick and accurate diagnosis of my blood disorder. During that crisis, her expertise and diligence enabled me to achieve a full remission. Dr. Malik continues to manage my healthcare with true concern and compassion for my well-being. She is most definitely top in her field.

John McGarraghy - June 3rd, 2016

I have been under the care of Dr. Malik for two years. She has treated me with the utmost attention and respect during that time and now my leukemia is in remission and has been for some time. My wife and I have relied on her good advice and judgment as we have worked our way through some very difficult times. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Malik. She is highly professional and knowledgeable.

Edward Smith - May 11th, 2016

I think dr Malik is a compassionate and thorough Doctor who has superior skills. She has the qualities that all doctors should strive to achieve to make patients illnesses a little more easier. I am very confident that I am getting the right care.

Richard Brown - May 11th, 2016


Dr. Malik is my oncologist.  She is Very knowledgeable, caring, attentive and very personable.  The facility and staff are excellent.

Judy Materi - March 27th, 2016

On behalf of our uncle Stephen Corba We cannot say enough about the wonderful care that not only our uncle received but our family received. Dr Malik's expertise and care gave a stage 4 lung and brain cancer man, l4 months of life. Our goal as a family was to keep him as independent as possible and until the end Dr. Malik achieved it. Her caring and dedication to Steve will never be forgotten.

barbara DeVorce - March 18th, 2016

Anthony Valentino - March 18th, 2016


Pearl Schwartz - May 29, 2015

Dear Dr. Malik, Thank you for the care you gave bob. You were always thorough in assessing him and upbeat and positive in your attitude. Know that you have my appreciation for all you did for him during these past few years. Sincerely, Pearl Schwartz

Patricia Jones - April 4th, 2016

Dr. Malik has followed me post-breast lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation for nearly 4 years. She is consistently prepared with test results and a plan of care. I find her easy to talk to and ready to listen.
The medical and administrative support staff are knowledgeable and communicate well. I visited the new facility for the first time today and found it welcoming and well designed. The free valet parking is a definite plus, as are the hospitality station and the cafe.

Lorraine G. Danza - April 5th, 2016

Dr. Malik is a very caring and compassionate physician. She takes the time to talk and listen to your feelings, apprehensions and her response to the patient's needs is very comforting.
I have been seeing Dr. Malik since 2012 and I am very happy with the care that I have received.

Thelma Snyder - April 6th, 2016

Dr Malik has been my hematologist for some years. I consider her very
knowledgeable; very concerned for her patients, and extremely helpful in
improving my health. Thelma Snyder

Roseanne Joslin- April 6th, 2016

 would like to give a great review to Dr. Afshan Malik. She is my favorite doctor and I would recommend her to anyone. She is smart, kind and efficient. Sincerely, Roseanne Joslin.

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