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Dr. Malik is a knowledgeable, humane professional.

Dr. Malik is a knowledgeable, humane professional. In addition to her professional

capabilities, she follows through, explains clearly the processes that are involved with

me as a patient, and offers advice and suggestions that are related to curing what ails

patients. She is always personally available, returns telephone calls immediately and her

office staff is also well groomed and committed to sharing her availability upon


Dr. Malik was instrumental in preparing me for a trip to China by instructing me in how

to administer Lovenox during my plane flight and stay there. I consider her care of me

during clotting in both my legs and lungs as life-saving. She eagerly communicates with

other doctors who are on my case to be sure that there is continued follow through in

areas that are beyond her expertise.

I highly recommend Dr. Malik as a seasoned professional and caring physician in the

field of hematology. It has been my pleasure to have her as my physician over the last

few years.


Dr. Rosemary J. Uzzo

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