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Dr. Malik, has been caring for me since I was in the Hospital in December of 2015.

Dr. Malik, has been caring for me since I was in the Hospital in December of 2015. I

was admitted in the Hospital because of blood clots in my lungs. Dr. Malik was the

Doctor assigned to care for me regarding the clots and the prescription of The blood

thinner Coumadin or Warfarin. From the first day I met her she was a kind and caring

person. She checked on me regularly during my stay there at the Hospital, and she

encouraged me to follow up with her to check the INR in my blood.

Since I was released from the Hospital I can continue to see her. Whenever I go for my checkup if

the INR level is too low or too high she always makes the adjustment to what dosage I

should take of the medicine to get it right. She is never impatient she'll talk and answer

your questions and she even notices if other problems are ailing you. for example one

day when I visited her office I was wearing a brace for my back she took notice and

asked why I was wearing the brace after I told her, she wrote a prescription for me to

get physical therapy, especially when this is not her field. She also notices other

maladies you may have that could be connected to what she's treating you for.

I think she's a wonderful Doctor who is truly interested in each of her patients and promoting

good health. I was blessed to have her assigned to care for me while I was in the

Hospital and after. We need more people and Doctors like her.

Gloria Rivera

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